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Since 2018, Pipeline Conditioning has provided industry leading odorization services for natural gas operators throughout the country. We specialize in providing natural gas pipeline conditioning (pickling) services and temporary odorization services. We work with your project engineers to create customized solutions for your project, ensuring the project is completed safely and efficiently.

Pipeline Conditioning uses proprietary mobile odorization units. These were developed by Pipeline Conditioning to provide temporary odorization services in a wide range of environments including remote and/or heavily populated areas. The odorization units contain all the tools and supplies needed to successfully complete the project and were developed to provide supplemental odorization in areas that would otherwise be inaccessible by other odorization equipment. The odorizers we use are ventless and do not discharge gas into the atmosphere, making the equipment the most planet-friendly odorant injection system on the market. Our success relies on the fact that our units do not smell like odorant, which is critical for allowing us to perform our work regardless of location.

Meet the Team Leadership


Amanda Koplin


Based out of Evergreen, CO



Jason Koplin


Based out of Evergreen, CO



George Song

Chief of Engineering and Operations

Based out of Austin, TX