What is Temporary Odorization?

Any time normal pipeline operating conditions are disrupted by pipeline inspections or repairs, odor fade can be introduced to the system. Temporary odorization is the process of injecting odorant into the gas stream until the system reaches an equilibrium state and the risk of odor fade is eliminated. Once this equilibrium state is achieved, the pipeline will no longer strip the odorant from the gas stream and thus the temporary odorizers are no longer required and are decommissioned. Pipeline Conditioning’s temporary odorizers small footprint and odorless operations allows our units to be used in virtually any location.

Why is Temporary Odorization important?

Without an effective temporary odorization plan, there is a high likelihood under-odorized gas will be sent to customers. A temporary odorization plan is the only preventative measures that can be taken to eliminate the risk of sending under-odorized, non-compliant gas to end users.

When does Temporary Odorization occur?

Anytime the risk of odor fade exists, a temporary odorization plan should be designed and implemented to protect the end-users. Once odor fade occurs, only a temporary odorizer can restore the gas to an odorized, readily detectible state.

How does Pipeline Conditioning approach Temporary Odorization?

Pipeline Conditioning will collaborate with our clients to design the most effective and viable temporary odorization plan for each specific project. Our qualified field engineers, experienced in temporary odorization plan management and execution, ensure a seamless transition from project design to project execution. In addition, our proprietary mobile odorization units provide temporary odorization services in a wide range of environments, including remote and/or heavily populated areas.

These temporary odorization units were developed by Pipeline Conditioning to provide supplemental odorization in areas that would otherwise be inaccessible by other, competing, odorization equipment. Our success relies on the fact our units do not smell like odorant, which is critical for allowing us to perform our work regardless of location. Finally, the odorizers we use are ventless and do not discharge gas into the atmosphere, making the equipment the most planet-friendly odorant injection system on the market.