What is Decommissioning?

Decommissioning odorization equipment is the process of disconnecting and removing odorization equipment from the pipeline. Permanent odorization equipment and/or odorant tanks require decommissioning when being retired or updated.

Why is Decommissioning important?

Permanent odorization equipment must be decommissioned at or near the end of its useful life. Decommissioning odorization equipment ensures the overall system integrity.

When does Decommissioning occur?

Decommissioning occurs when retiring or replacing older odorizer systems.  Often this is a result of leaks detected in the system so it's imperative to be checking systems regulalry.

How does Pipeline Conditioning approach Decommissioning?

Pipeline Conditioning understands the environmental and business impact that can result from an uncontrolled or accidental odorant release.  We also understand the risk of an uncontrolled or accidental odorant release is elevated during decommissioning operations. Pipeline Conditioning approaches decommissioning operations with a safety-first mindset. Our field engineers are experts in decommissioning odorization equipment and odorant handling. Our industry leading safety record begins with our proprietary standard operating procedures and engineering controls.